50 Mile Team Relay

The 50-Mile Relay is a 5-person relay event, designed to provide shorter individual leg distances, thereby allowing a greater diversity of runners to experience the sport of trail racing.  The 50-Mile Relay is the perfect opportunity for runners to challenge their family, friends, running buddies, co-workers, and employees to join them for some friendly competition on the trails of the GRT.  Relay teams may be all-male, all-female, or mixed.

The 50-Mile Relay follows the same course as the 50-Mile individual event and is comprised of the following five legs:

Leg 1 – 10.7 miles: Start to Upper 528 Aid Station
Leg 2 – 10.8 miles: Upper 528 Aid Station to Jennings Center and return
Leg 3 – 8.7 miles: Upper 528 to North Country Club Road Aid Station (inbound to Aid Station)
Leg 4 – 10.4 miles: North Country Club Road Aid Station to Upper 528 Aid Station
Leg 5 – 10.0 miles: Upper 528 Aid Station to Finish

The relay event will start at the same time as the individual 50-Mile ultramarathon and is subject to the same intermediate and overall cutoff times.

Each relay team will be issued five bibs.  As in all other event distances, runners must wear their bib numbers, visible from the front, throughout their individual leg. At each relay transition point (Upper 528 and North Country Club Road aid stations) relay runners will check into a designated relay check station.

Place winner awards will be given to all members of the winning team.  Relay teams shall designate participants for each of the five relay legs at the time of registration; however, only teams with five different runners eligible for place-winner awards.  All runners on all teams who finish the relay will receive finisher medallions.

Relay team members will have the same access to aid station food and fluids as runners in the individual races.  GRT race management asks that relay teams utilize car-pooling to the maximum extent possible to reduce parking congestion at the aid stations.


Relay teams use the same race Registration page as the other GRT events.  Relay team members may be revised/replaced until the last day of on-line registration.  Payment of the team entry fee must be made in full at the time of initial team entry.

At the time of initial registration, teams will be asked to provide a team name.  This is an opportunity to have fun, be descriptive, and creative.  Race management reserves the right to modify or reject team names that may be deemed offensive or in poor taste.  Once the Team Roster is provided at runner check-in, no changes in team composition may be made thereafter, other than dropping runners.  The order in which runners are listed on the roster need not be the order in which they run on race day.  Runner order can be changed at any time during the race, but only at designated aid/relay stations.

Shirt size (short sleeve technical) information for each participant shall also be provided at the time of entry.  If team composition changes after the final date on which selected shirt sizes are guaranteed, race management will make its best effort to accommodate shirt exchanges on race day, but makes no guarantees.