Race Rules

First and foremost, these races are intended to provide an enjoyable event that will provide a challenging introduction to trail running and ultramarathoning for the novice, while giving the more experienced runner a good test of their early-season fitness as they prepare for that summer or fall 100-miler. That said, like any event involving human nature, not to mention human interaction with nature, a few rules are inevitable to keep things running smoothly. Also, the PA DCNR, Moraine State Park, and Jennings Environmental Education Center have graciously allowed us to use the park trail systems for this event, and we want be respectful of that. So, without further ado, here are the rules….

  1. Littering by runners, spectators, and crew is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. At aid stations, use trash receptacles. Out on the course, stow trash until you reach the next aid station and dispose of it properly. Personnel conducting the course sweep should not find so much as the tab from a gel pack.
  2. Alcohol is strictly prohibited in Moraine State Park and the Jennings Center.
  3. If you have to relieve yourself, do so well off the trail. Solid waste is to be buried.
  4. It is prohibited to leave the trail within the Jennings Environmental Education Center. Numerous sensitive flora and fauna are present within the Jennings Center, including an endangered species of rattlesnake. For the 50Kers and 50 Milers, there is a restroom just before reaching the Jennings aid station at mile 15.2, just over a mile from where you enter the Jennings Center and about 2 miles from where you exit. Plan accordingly.
  5. Be polite to all volunteers, park staff, and anyone you encounter during the event. Many, many people have worked to make this event possible. Treat them with the great deal of respect and appreciation they deserve. Without them, the race could not happen!
  6. All individual runners and relay team captains must check in on Saturday morning, regardless if they attended the pre-race dinner Friday night. Check ins shall be completed no later than 15 minutes before the scheduled start of their race. After that time, you may be assigned DNS (Did Not Start) status.
  7. Your bib number must be visible from the front at all times.
  8. Cutoff times are not negotiable. Where specified, cutoff times will be enforced by the aid station captain. Their determination is final. Do not attempt to negotiate this.
  9. Runners may not accept any outside assistance, other than at designated aid stations and within 100 yards of the aid station. Runners leaving the course for any reason must re-enter the course under their own power at the point where they left.
  10. It is the responsibility of all runners in all races to check in and out of all manned aid stations by announcing their bib number.
  11. Runners who choose to abandon the race may do so only at a designated aid station and must notify the aid station captain that they are dropping. The runner is responsible for returning their timing chip to the officials at the race start/finish. Although it will not be a priority for aid station staff, we will do our best to arrange transportation back to the start/finish area, if needed.
  12. Drop bags are permitted for 50 Mile individual participants only and only at the Rt. 528 aid station. You will pass through this point three times during the race.
  13. Pacers are permitted for 50 Mile individual participants only, starting at the Swamp Run aid station inbound (approx. mile 32) or Rt. 528 aid station inbound (approx. mile 40.7).
  14. Crews are permitted for 50K and 50 Mile participants only, and only at the Rt. 528, Jennings, and Swamp Run aid stations. Crews may only provide aid to their runner within 100 yards of an aid station.
  15. Much of the course is true single-track. When other runners are encountered, the “in-bound” runner shall have the right-of-way in all cases. When approached from behind, slower runners shall yield to faster runners when prompted. The trail will be open to the general public. If other trail users are encountered, please be polite.
  16. Obey race volunteers monitoring traffic and parking. Obey all posted speed limits.
  17. Runners are responsible for the actions of their spectators/crew.
  18. Park rules require that all dogs be leashed and under control; have all current licenses and tags; and that owners clean up after them. Race rules prohibit dogs from being within aid station tents or pavilions or the start/finish pavilion. Runners may not have a dog with them on the race course.
  19. Hiking poles may be used for any of the race distances. However, it is requested that runners be aware of other participants and other persons where they are not hit or stuck by hiking poles at any time.
  20. Runners or relay teams finishing without their timing chip will not receive a finishing time and will reimburse the race timing service for the cost of the timing chip.
  21. Relay transfers are only permitted at designated relay stations.
  22. Relay teams must utilize five different registered runners to be eligible for awards.
  23. Relay teams comprised of any combination of male and female runners shall be considered “Mixed”.